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OIPT China workshop on Wide Band Gap and Opto devices

On May 8th, Oxford Instrument Plasma Technology held a seminar in the latest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Beijing. If you have ever been to Beijing, you will know how intense and fast pace the city is. With 3000 years of history, Beijing can boast of having a fantastic array of monuments …

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Two dimensional materials for on-chip photonics

2D material

Optoelectronic applications such as photodetectors and emitters rely on the ability of its active material to interact strongly with light and one could not be blamed for questioning the ability of two dimensional (2D) materials here. After all, its cross-section is made up of at most few atoms which means there is hardly enough matter …

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Imaginenano 2018 : Graphene for Industry Conference

Imaginenano 2018

There has been a slow but steady progress in the technology readiness levels of graphene and related 2D materials based applications. While there is still a significant amount of fundamental research taking place across the globe, there certainly are some early signs of scaled up development of materials, devices and associated fabrication processes. This was …

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Ion-beam Nano patterning: experimental results with chemically- assisted etching

Schematic of a ion beam been extracted through the grids

Below you will be able to find the first part of experimental results with chemically assisted etching which our expert Dr Sebastien Pochon presented at SPIE conference in San Jose, California last week. The need for forming gratings (for example used in VR headsets) in materials such as SiO2 has seen a recent surge in …


Indium Phosphide (InP) – There is a light that never goes out

Connected world image

Perhaps The Smiths were thinking a little more esoteric when they penned that tune and it is maybe a little bit of artistic license to say that InP lasers never go out. But somewhere on this planet there is always an InP laser blinking away rapidly, transmitting information, demonstrating how much we have come to …


Has ALE found another home?

Image for Atomic Layer Etch blog post

ALE? What’s that I hear you say? And no, it’s not a type of beer brewed using a warm fermentation method, before you all rush off to Wikipedia. ALE is far more exciting. It’s another one of those semiconductor process acronyms that describes Atomic Layer Etching. ALE is the etch equivalent to Atomic Layer Deposition …


Deposition – A question of choice

Atomic Layer deposition

Often the first question in any discussion on deposition processes is which technique is best suited. Often the answer to this question is clear, but in some cases it requires a detailed understanding of the application and production targets in order to give a qualified answer. Typical questions to understand which technique to use are: …


I got 99 problems, but an etch ain’t one

Plasma etch 101 part 2

Following my previous blog post I hope you have created a good etch mask…do not get me started again on masks…so what else do we need to consider? Well, when I was conducting research for my PhD, my supervisor said the first thing to do every day is to make a small sacrifice to the …


The Light Fantastic


  ‘In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary’ Aaron Rose I’m sitting in Bristol and I type ‘Hiya mate’ (emoji is not an option) on WhatsApp to my friend in Shanghai and within seconds the message is downloaded onto his phone nearly 6,000 miles away. This is amazing, how is this …