Author: Dr Ravi Sundaram

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Two dimensional materials for on-chip photonics

2D material

Optoelectronic applications such as photodetectors and emitters rely on the ability of its active material to interact strongly with light and one could not be blamed for questioning the ability of two dimensional (2D) materials here. After all, its cross-section is made up of at most few atoms which means there is hardly enough matter …

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Imaginenano 2018 : Graphene for Industry Conference

Imaginenano 2018

There has been a slow but steady progress in the technology readiness levels of graphene and related 2D materials based applications. While there is still a significant amount of fundamental research taking place across the globe, there certainly are some early signs of scaled up development of materials, devices and associated fabrication processes. This was …


Materials fabrication processes for biomedical applications

Biomedical devices such as sensors and drug delivery patches pose an interesting challenge in material fabrication due to stringent requirements of substrates, thermal budgets etc. This post outlines five examples from literature of plasma and thermal processes done on Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology tools used for applications in healthcare. ZnO nanowire sensors fabricated using ALD …


Can 2D materials make an impact in biomedicine?

image of - blood test - bio mems

There has been a deluge of scientific investigation into the application of graphene and other two dimensional (2D) materials in biomedicine in the recent past. Claims range from proof of concept detection of glucose, Hemoglobin, Dopamine, DNA etc all the way to products that aid in analysis of proteins, peptides and aptamers.   So how …